Indulge your taste buds during the lunch hour at our vibrant neighborhood, where numerous regional food artisans have chosen to establish their production facilities. Explore a diverse array of gourmet options available through their inviting retail storefronts, providing you with an exquisite culinary experience right at your fingertips.


Unwind after a productive workday by immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere of our community. Discover an array of local bars that beckon with enticing cocktails and friendly vibes. Alternatively, immerse yourself in a night of entertainment and enrichment, showcasing the talents of our burgeoning local artists. Elevate your evenings with the perfect blend of relaxation and cultural enjoyment.


Situated in close proximity to the trendy Hotel BPM, BRIQ offers a seamless blend of work and leisure. Whether you’re hosting visiting clients and suppliers or wrapping up late-night tasks at the office, our location provides the perfect synergy of convenience and sophistication. Embrace the dynamic energy of our neighborhood, where business and leisure seamlessly coexist.